Comedy & Query Trenches

I recently took a 6-month hiatus from querying literary agents so I could focus on putting my historical novel on a very-much-needed weight loss plan. Now that I’ve lopped off 30+ percent of the book (and it can finally wiggle back into that little black dress), it’s time for me to return to the query trenches.

As anyone who’s been there before–or is hunkered down now–can attest, those trenches are not a fun place to be. There’s a lot of research, a lot of letter-honing, a lot of hoping/praying, a lot of waiting, a lot of stress-eating-ice-cream-by-the-pint.

A lot of bracing for the inevitable rejection. As Dana Stabenow said,

“To be a writer is to embrace rejection as a way of life.”


But since those trenches are (for the most part) the necessary path to traditional publication, into those trenches I go. But as I strap back on those boots and clap my helmet on my head, I’m happy to have some inspirational tools to take with me, including the ever-so-engaging Slush Pile Hell.

The brilliant brainchild of an anonymous agent, this Tumblr excerpts gems from crazy queries Mystery Agent has received, then garnishes them with snarky commentary. Paging through it may not secure me an agent, but it does offer a handy outlet for procrastination, and it puts a smile on my face.

And a smile, my friends, is the most sanity-saving weapon you can lug into the query trenches with you.

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2 thoughts on “Comedy & Query Trenches

  1. Got a chuckle out of Slush Pile from Hell!

    Best wishes and prayers for timely success in your current efforts at publication!

    Hoping all is well for you and Jared in this new chapter.

    Hugs! Amy

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