The Scoop… At Least Right Now.

Here’s the truth: today, I wanted to be writing a post about some new Surinamese adventure. Or perhaps sharing a funny anecdote about learning to live in a new culture. But at the moment, I have more mundane things on my mind. The most exciting Suriname-related thing to happen this week was the discovery of two snakes in our yard and I was neither the one to find them, nor the one to… ummm… dispatch them? (Though Texas-Born-Daughter-of-a-Hunter that I am, I’m pretty confident in my ability to take care of business as needed.)

Instead, my mind’s on this: learning how to have a full-time “day job” and keep up with this crazy career called writing. To be honest, the balance is proving a challenging one. Continue reading “The Scoop… At Least Right Now.”