Coincidence & Writing Cultivation

Now that a certain conference is over, I can breathe a sigh of relief and finally, officially break the happy news I alluded to last week….

No, I haven’t scored that long lusted-after novel contract.

Nope, Foreign Service friends, we haven’t discovered that our onward assignment is to be my dream post of Dublin. Or Belfast. Or Prague.

And no, despite my pleading, husband couldn’t be coaxed into getting me a penguin for my birthday last weekend.

But yes: I can now say I have an award-winning book on my authorial résumé. Continue reading “Coincidence & Writing Cultivation”

Publication Tales & “Pun”-chy Cocktails

This week’s post is a celebratory one! After a journey of several years, I can, as of January 2016, officially say that my work has been published as a chapter in an anthology.


The anthology?

The Body, Subject & Subjected: The Representation of the Body Itself, Illness, Injury, Treatment & Death in Spain and Indigenous and Hispanic American Art & Literature

My chapter?

Chapter XIII: The Transcendence of the Body: Gabriel García Márquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera: Love and Death as New-World Mosaic, by Lauren M. P. Derby

Sounds like a page-turner, right? Continue reading “Publication Tales & “Pun”-chy Cocktails”