Bite-Sized Book Reviews: “Behind Closed Doors”

Let me first issue a warning: if you Google this book’s title, click only on the version penned by B. A. Paris (unless you’re in an exploratory mood). In retrospect, I shouldn’t have been surprised that a title like Behind Closed Doors would be shared by a few racier reads. But surprised I was by a few of the results generated by “Behind Closed Doors Book.”

As far as the actual review: this is a tricky one. Generally, I prefer reviewing books I really like. After all, I’m an aspiring novelist myself; I can easily imagine the pain of having years of artistic work criticized. And just because a book’s not for me, doesn’t mean it isn’t an excellent fit for someone else.

But I received an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of Behind Closed Doors and feel I owe a review, even if the book was a qualified success for me. Continue reading “Bite-Sized Book Reviews: “Behind Closed Doors””