All Key-ed Up

You may have noticed my blog has been quiet of late. Part of this is a result of busy months at work. But the last few weeks of silence have been for the best of reasons.


I find coming home to the U.S. after living overseas is like a big gulp of oxygen after holding your breath underwater. It’s not that Suriname is such a dreadful place to live. It just feels so good to be home.

This particular trip back was a whirlwind: a day in Houston, a weekend jaunt to the Midwest, down to Key West to meet my family on their vacation, a few more days in various Texas locales, then a week in my hometown on the Texas Gulf Coast (and surfing!).

With all that travel time, I wasn’t going to be caught without a book in my hand.

So one night in Key West, while my dad and twin brothers were being awesome and doing a night dive around an old shipwreck (their tales of octopus, shark, and fish sightings have made me determined to finally get my scuba certification), I was cheerily getting my nerd on at a local bookstore. Continue reading “All Key-ed Up”

Writers, Readers & Wolf Hall

Of all the elements that make up writing, authorial voice is perhaps the most elusive.

The best definition I’ve heard of it is this: Voice is your writing sounding like you. In the same way one can identify a George Strait song via the particular flavor of his sound, the best writers have a style that distinguishes them from all others. If presented with a coverless, title-less Jane Austen novel, or a work by C. S. Lewis, I would  instantly know to whom the writing belongs. That personality, that authorial sound, is as particular as a face.

But developing your voice can be a rather frustrating cycle. Continue reading “Writers, Readers & Wolf Hall”