Coming Soon…. to a Blog Near You

Those of you who read this blog regularly or even semi-regularly may have realized that I have a problem.

A word count problem.

I tend to get very excited about those ideas I select as writing topics. Once I’ve settled on a subject, it is my pattern to get carried away beyond all editorial reason. I’m overcome by an impulse to explore every facet of such ideas to their fullest, driven to probe every nook, blow dust out of every corner. I crave the confidence of knowing I’ve thoroughly and clearly communicated with my reader, leaving no conceptual stone unturned. Continue reading “Coming Soon…. to a Blog Near You”

And in Conclusion….

Another year, another National Novel Writing Month (a.k.a. NaNoWriMo) concluded.

And here’s how the numbers played out:

Word count NaNoWriMo sets as the novel-written-in-a-month goal: 50,000 Words

Number of days spent on my NaNoWriMo novel: 22 (November 1-8, I spent touring Xi’an and Beijing with family)

Blog posts penned alongside my NaNoWriMo novel: 2

My final NaNoWriMo total: 24,076 Words

I’m a rather goal-oriented person; I’ve got a bit of a reputation for beating myself up over not attaining what were unrealistic aims in the first place. So those who know me well may be justifiably surprised to learn I’m at peace with having fallen short of even 50% of NaNoWriMo’s official goal. Just a few years ago, they would have been right; the numbers of the NaNoWriMo game would have been my primary focus. After all, I used to be that 14-year-old churning out a novel in the space of my 3-month summer hiatus from school. Continue reading “And in Conclusion….”