You know you live near the rainforest when…

…when you walk into the bathroom of your beautiful, newly-builwhite-frog-costa-ricat home and find a (live) frog in your toilet. Initially, my “eek!” drove him back into the pipes from whence he came. But since he’s now made 3 re-appearances, he may have decided this is home.

(Our newly acquired house-mate looks a little something like the frog in the above photo.)

Settling Down… in Suriname

For some of my readers, this will come as no surprise. But for those of you who’ve been wondering just where in South America we’ve moved, here’s the reveal:

We now call Paramaribo, Suriname home.

If you’re like most folks, this “answer” just prompts more questions. Perhaps something along the lines of: Huh? OWhere again? Or even Suriname? Isn’t that in Africa? 

If so, you’re in good company. When I first heard this country referenced, I assumed its locale was somewhere in South-East Asia. You’ve got your Vietnam, then you’ve got your Suriname…. Continue reading “Settling Down… in Suriname”