Texas Pride Takes on Harvey

Last Sunday, I wrote about Hurricane Harvey and what it felt like, watching that beast steer toward my hometown, family, friends… so much of what I treasure most.

A week later, I can’t help reiterating my gratitude. Every one I love is alive, safe. Their homes are (mostly) intact. Even as I hear about the damage done to the Port Aransas house my father inherited from my grandmother, and the many spots of which I have fond memories that have been devastated, I cannot help bowing in humble gratitude. Yes, part of the roof was ripped off the Port A house and thrown to the ground. Yes, the ground floor storage unit beneath the house (many houses in this area are built on stilts in case of hurricanes) was flooded with roughly 4 feet of water, ruining everything. Yes, the electrical loop was ripped off the house, the siding shredded.

But nobody died. And the house still stands. So many other Texans have lost infinitely, heart-breakingly more.

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Writers, Readers & Wolf Hall

Of all the elements that make up writing, authorial voice is perhaps the most elusive.

The best definition I’ve heard of it is this: Voice is your writing sounding like you. In the same way one can identify a George Strait song via the particular flavor of his sound, the best writers have a style that distinguishes them from all others. If presented with a coverless, title-less Jane Austen novel, or a work by C. S. Lewis, I would  instantly know to whom the writing belongs. That personality, that authorial sound, is as particular as a face.

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