Paint Hack

#LifeHack: When your watercolor palette is on a slow-moving boat somewhere between your last post in South America and your new home in Washington, D.C., a CorningWare lid makes for a handy mixing tray for the colors in your travel kit. Who knew? (Well, besides my troubleshooting husband.) #ForeignServiceProblems #NomadicArt

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You know you live near the rainforest when…

…when you walk into the bathroom of your beautiful, newly-builwhite-frog-costa-ricat home and find a (live) frog in your toilet. Initially, my “eek!” drove him back into the pipes from whence he came. But since he’s now made 3 re-appearances, he may have decided this is home.

(Our newly acquired house-mate looks a little something like the frog in the above photo.)