Short Stories & Texas Salt

So here’s some exciting news: I’ve just had a short story accepted for publication in an upcoming literary anthology.

This isn’t my first short story rodeo. But this one is particularly fun, since my tale, “Moonshine,” will be appearing in the inaugural edition of Keep Texas Salty. The debut publication for new Texas press Quartermarch, Salty is to be a collection of poetry and short fiction paying tribute to the Texas Gulf Coast.

And as anybody who reads my blog will tell you, that sort of theme is right up my Texas-surfer-girl alley. As they say, you can take the girl outta Texas, but you can’t take Texas outta the girl. You can, however, distill it into a work of fiction or two.

A magical realism, gothic noir (many thanks to the husband for helping me quantify this strange little story set in Prohibition-era Texas), “Moonshine” isn’t what you’d call a polite tale. But it should fit in just fine given Quartermarch’s aim for the anthology:

“It’s not just about the briny gulf waters or the rim of your margarita glass. When we say “salty,” we mean… (e)arthy, colorful, and aggressive writing [that]… best reflects the cultural attitude found on the Texas Gulf Coast.”

So keep your eyes peeled in early 2020. You may just find this collection sitting on the shelf of your local Texas independent bookseller, or nestled in your search results on Amazon, tempting you to take an edgy stroll along a Texas beach.

Update: Anybody who’s ever walked even the fringes of the publishing business knows it can skew unpredictable. Sadly, factors in the life of the editor of this anthology have caused its publication to be postponed indefinitely. The good news: “Moonshine” now has a new home! It will be published in 2021 by AURELIA LEO, first as a standalone short story, then as part of an annual anthology.

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