My New Publication: What to Give Your Literature-Loving Sweetheart for Valentine’s Day

As you’re likely aware, Valentine’s Day is barreling down on us yet again. But if you’re struggling to find a gift for the literature nerd in your life, struggle no longer! Because this week, the perfect item arrived in my mailbox:

My newest book, courtesy of Sussex Academic Press–Family, Friends and Foes: Human Dynamics in Hispanic Worlds!

In this literary criticism anthology, my work features as Chapter 4: ” ‘In This Madhouse’: Myth, Message, and Kaleidoscopic Kin in Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude.”

No doubt about it: this book is THE gift for your literary-leaning special someone. Essays about literature. Culture. Art. And it’s even relationship-themed, with its focus on friendships and family dynamics in Hispanic literature. (Fingers crossed its examination of foes will have nothing to do with your Valentine’s Day! 😳) Pair Family, Friends and Foes with a box of chocolates and you’re all set.

Just try not to sprain your wrist while you’re speed-ordering the book from Amazon. If you’re looking to complete the now-four-book anthology set, I can also highly recommend my other chapters the other books:

  1. The Body, Subject & Subjected (which won the 2016 South Central Modern Language Association Book Award)
  2. Insult to Injury: Violence in Spanish, Hispanic American and Latino Art & Literature
  3. S/He: Sex & Gender in Hispanic Studies

A side note: My husband has accused me of loving my books to the point of abuse. But after thoroughly examining my copy of One Hundred Years, I’ve no clue what he’s talking about. I only dog-eared a few pages.


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